Couple take kids out of school for year-long £85,000 around-the-world trip

'For some, it's a lot of money but in general, I think we did it pretty well.'

This Quebec Travel Destination Is Globally Famous But Apparently Nobody Can Pronounce It

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The most exciting road trips in the UK and Ireland

From jagged cliff faces to locations used for 'Game of Thrones', there are plenty of enthralling car journeys to experience across the British Isles and Ireland. With spring just around the corner, there's never been a better time to plot your next road trip!..

Via Rail Is Having A Huge Sale Across Canada & You Can Save On A Fall Getaway

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9 Spectacular Places In Canada That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Experiencing Winter In Europe

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Forbidden places around the world you can’t visit

It's hard to imagine that there are a lot of places around the world that people are prohibited from visiting. Unless you're a researcher, scientist, or military officer, some of these places are strictly forbidden for the general public, which adds another layer of mystery to them. There are historical sites that are so fragile they can be easily damaged by humans, and also some seriously dangerous places many of us would be terrified to visit. From an island infested with snakes to a vault holding special secrets, check out these extremely fascinating and forbidden places. Click on!

Discover Livøm’s Nature Traveller collection!

This collection, with its harmonious blend of ethics and country elegance, is just in time for autumn!

Majestic icebergs to fresh lobster: Canada's Newfoundland is a hidden travel gem

Travel doesn't get better than this - and yet hardly anyone makes it to this province.

50 of the most charming spots to visit on the U.S. East Coast

Discover some charming spots on your next trip along the East Coast. While exploring this fascinating region of the United States, be sure to add some of the 50 points of interest described below to your travel itinerary.

7 Ontario Parks With Breathtaking Scenery You Must Road Trip To At Least Once

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Out and about in British Columbia

British Columbia, the westernmost province of Canada, is what outdoor tourism is all about. Textured with a breathtaking backdrop of rugged mountains, glass-calm lakes, and verdant forests, BC is simply unbeatable for its scenic splendor. Add historic Victoria and funky Vancouver into the mix, and you've got yourself an itinerary that takes in one of the most spectacular and appealing pockets of North America. So, already packing your bags? Click through and get out and about in British Columbia. ..

Why tourism is booming in this small European country

San Marino is a landlocked microstate tucked away in northern Italy and the world's oldest-surviving sovereign state. It also happens to be one of Europe's top-growing travel location. Don't be fooled by the 61 sq km (23.6 sq mi) tiny-sized country either: this small place has plenty to offer. Click through the gallery to learn about Europe's popular vacation hot spot.

Some Manitobans are in travel limbo with cancellation of Visa services

Travel plans of some Manitobans have come to a standstill after India halted its visa services in Canada on Thursday amid a diplomatic rift between India and Canada.

6 Travel Deals Canadian Students Can Get On Flights & More That Could Save A Ton Of Cash

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Flair Just Added Cheap Flights From Canada & Tickets To Sunny Destinations Start At $39

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Canadians trying to travel to India now face having their plans ruined

Hour after hour on Thursday, a steady flow of people came around the side of a nondescript building in Surrey, B.C., holding brown folders and stacks of paperwork. A lone security guard cracked the door below a sign for BLS International, just enough to speak quietly with people outside.

9 Countries Chinese Passport Holders In Canada Can Travel To Visa-Free

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Whatever You Do, Don’t Visit Europe’s Hotspots During These Months

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9 Unique & Dreamy Honeymoon Destinations That Are Right Here In Canada (PHOTOS)

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These Are The Top Fall 2023 Destinations For Canadians, From Trendy To Budget-Friendly

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For & Against: Our Travel Team Got Real About Kid-Free Zones On Planes

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The best travel destinations based on your zodiac sign

Taking a break and going on vacation is important for everyone. But with a budget and having many options available, it's not always easy to choose the perfect travel destination. In moments like these, why not consult the stars? Click through this gallery to discover the best travel destinations based on your zodiac sign.

These Familiar-looking Places Will Puzzle You

Here are some baffling places that are bound to have you questioning where in the world you are, from German towns in America and British villages in China.

17 Spontaneous Fall Road Trips Less Than 3 Hours From Montreal

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6 European Cities That Canadians Need To Visit, According To Someone Who Grew Up There

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8 Magical Summer Road Trips From Ontario That Lead To Tiny Towns, Sandy Shores & More

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Canada Has Issued Travel Advisories For These 9 Vacation Destinations

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10 Easy Travel Essentials To Help Relieve Your Packing Anxiety

When it comes to travel, "last-minute" is hardly a bad thing. Yes, tackling the logistics can feel hectic — but more importantly, the whole affair is thrilling! Spontaneous! Adventurous! Whether you’re in the market for some much-needed R&R in the tropics, or a romantic stroll through Paris, once that *wanderlust* hits, it’s hard to suppress. And fortunately, the stress that tends to come with eleventh-hour vacation planning is always well worth...

Dark Tourism: visiting Chernobyl, Auschwitz and other places with a tragic past

Discover the best destinations for flower lovers

The end of winter brings with it the beauty and magic of spring. Blooming flowers make truly magnificent landscapes that seem to belong in the pages of a story book. Tourists flock from all over the world to observe and appreciate spring flowers. Take a look through the following gallery to discover the best destinations for flower lovers.

The most popular destinations for fall travel

Fall arrives in late September in the northern hemisphere, so it's nearly time to break out those light jackets and go for a walk among the changing leaves. However, if you're a southern hemisphere resident that likes the colors of fall, now is the time to start packing your bags to take a trip north. Whichever half of the globe you're living in, the seasonal transition from summer to winter is a magical time of the year. Browse the gallery and find out where to enjoy some golden travel experiences.

9 Beautiful Airbnb Cabins In Ontario Where You Can Wake Up In An Autumn Dreamland

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The 5 Best Small Towns In Ontario, According To Our Travel Team

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These Are the World's Quirkiest Modes of Transport

These are the world's most unique forms of transport, from Cuba's Coco Taxis to the reed boats in Lake Titicaca, Peru.

Calgary airport becoming a connection of choice for U.S. travellers heading overseas

This summer, 86,000 passengers on international flights with WestJet began or ended their journey in the U.S., which is a record high for the airline.

These Tiny Countries Are Perfect For A Relaxing Mini-Break

From far-flung coral atolls and splendidly sleepy archipelagos to isolated mountainous republics, these tiny crowd-free countries are perfect for a relaxing holiday.

These Are The Biggest 'Tourist Traps' In The World & 9 Canadian Spots Made The List

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Best Travel & Tourism stocks to follow in 2023.

Travel and tourism is a broad category, with a diverse list of well-known brands. Ecotourism is a fast-growing niche, especially among young travelers. Tourism sector has been perhaps the hardest hit part of the economy by the COVID-19 pandemic. This list presents some of the best travel and tourism stocks to track in the post-pandemic era. The list's performance is calculated on an equally weighted method.

All Aboard These Train-Themed Accommodations, From Switzerland to Sri Lanka

Ardent train-spotters and rail enthusiasts all need a good night’s kip after long days spent on the rails or snapping shots of the best cabooses. So, wouldn’t it be great if the fun could extend to where you lay your head? From repurposed train stations, carriages and cottages to themed motels and hotels with fantastic rail links, we’ve pulled together 30 unique stays in the UK and beyond that promise unforgettable experiences for lovers of locomotives.

Canadians visiting Europe will soon need a permit — not a visa. What to know

Starting in 2024, Canadian passport holders will be required to apply online and pay a fee if they plan to stay short term in 30 European countries.

8 Tried-&-Tested Travel Outfits From R29 Editors

When you’re embarking on a trip, planning what outfit to wear while in transit may very well be the last thing on your mind. Sure, it’s understandable to spend all your time deliberating the coziest fall sweaters or your vacation OOTD, or scouring the internet for classic staples for your vacation capsule wardrobe, but we firmly believe that a comfy yet chic travel outfit should be higher on your priority list. Traveling in the right clothing...

Venice and beyond: Cities with water for roads

Cars are out, and canals are in. The world is covered with colorful canal cities that are worth exploring. From the wonder that is Venice to lesser-known fishing towns with floating markets, there are many cities you can sail across. Click on to find out where in the world you can travel through streets of water...

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6 Misconceptions About Canada That Make It An Underrated Vacation Destination For Tourists

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Want to visit Venice? You'll have to pay €5 to enter the city from next year

The gorgeous destination will come at a cost.

There's a way to make business travel more affordable

This article was created by StackCommerce. Postmedia may earn an affiliate commission from purchases made through our links on this page. Business travel supports a wide range of industries and companies. Whether it’s out of a need to develop a new client base or collaborate with complementary companies, being able to get out on the road and travel is important. However, it can be prohibitively expensive. To help business travellers improve...

Travel Insurance Tips for Snowbirds

Global’s Eilish Bonang speaks with travel expert, Omar Kaywan, about the increasing costs and need associated with travel insurance for Canadian snowbirds.

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