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One of the first things I did when I moved to Vancouver two years ago was jump on BC Ferries and head to one of the small towns, on a tiny island in B.C.

It became my way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax. Luckily, there are BC Ferries vacations and trips that are super quick, making them the ideal long weekend plan.

Some of my favourite trips were to tiny islands like Bowen, where I could explore all day and get home in less than an hour.

Sailing across the ocean might not seem like a winter activity, but the views are stunning all year long, even if it is a bit chilly. Plus, it's the perfect adventure to get outside in the colder months.

Here are the best trips I took while living in B.C, on BC Ferries.

Bowen Island

This adorable little town is a quick 20-minute ride from Vancouver. You dock right in the town, so you can walk off and explore all the oceanside restaurants and shops right away.

It's the perfect trip in the winter, because the town is super small, meaning fewer long walks outside are involved.


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Tofino is a huge surfing destination, but the winter brings storm-watching. The small town on Vancouver Island is a trek from Vancouver though. You need to take a ferry over to the island and then drive a few hours before reaching it. 

It's so worth it though. The community is so friendly, and there are endless activities to keep you busy there.


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Small towns are great and all, but Victoria made me fall in love with city life all over again. It's a picturesque city on Vancouver Island, and on the ferry ride over we spotted some whales!

There are amazing restaurants, cool vintage shops, and even a luxurious hotel with hot pools on the water.

Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

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This is a great place to go for anyone who loves the outdoors. We took the ferry over to the island and drove along the coast to get there. If you love a scenic drive, this is a must.

We camped for the night, but there are lots of great Airbnbs and stays in the area.


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Anyone visiting B.C. has to make at least one trip to the Sunshine Coast. Luckily, the ferry can take you right there. I loved checking out the shops in Gibsons and driving down to the nearby community of Sechelt. 

You get all the ocean and mountain views on this trip! 

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