Need help choosing your next vacay spot? Let "set-jetting" guide the way.

Have you ever been curled up at home with something running on the TV, wishing you were anywhere but, well…at home? Because same. And we’re not alone. According to a new study from Expedia Group that surveyed over 20,000 people, more than half of all respondents said they’ve researched a travel destination after seeing it on screen. In fact, nearly 30 percent of participants said that TV shows and movies are now even more influential over their travel decisions than they have been in the past, beating out other sources of inspo like social media in many cases. The result? A rise in what Expedia calls “set-jetting”—a.k.a. actually making the trip to the (often dreamy) places we fall in love with on screen.

So, naturally, this got us thinking: which movie or show should we let guide our next vacation? Ahead, we’ve rounded up just a few ideas inspired by some old favourites and anticipated upcoming releases.

The White Lotus: Thailand

We may not want to vacation with the people on The White Lotus (too much murder and interpersonal drama for our liking), but we definitely wouldn’t mind lounging at the same resorts they do. The numbers back this up, too: Expedia found travel demand to both Hawaii (season one) and Sicily (season two) increased by 300 percent after being highlighted in the HBO hit. Next on the travel list for the dramedy? Thailand. While we may not yet know where exactly in the country the third season will take place (filming will reportedly begin early next year), we have no doubt it will look just as good on TV as the locations in the previous two seasons.

The Crown + Bridgerton: United Kingdom

Get your own taste of the royal life seen in both The Crown and Bridgerton up close in the U.K. Of course, you can see many IRL landmarks from The Crown across England and Scotland (hello, Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle), while Bridgerton transports charming spots in cities like London, Bath and Windsor back in time for its Regency-era setting.

Squid Game: South Korea

With the acclaimed Squid Game expected to return for its second season in 2024, fans may experience a renewed interest in travelling to South Korea—if they don’t already thanks to the popularity of K-pop and other Korean entertainment. Most of season one was filmed on a closed set in Daejeon (the country’s fifth largest city and a major production hub), but fans will also remember different locations across the capital city of Seoul.

Wednesday: Romania

You’re not likely to find an autonomous limb to befriend à la the Thing on Wednesday, there’s plenty to explore in Romania, where the first season of the Netflix phenomenon was filmed. (Production is moving to Ireland for season two.) Superfans can even stop by the Cantacuzino Castle in Bușteni, which served as the exterior of the gothic and moody Nevermore Academy, or the Bucharest Botanical Garden, which was used as a classroom setting for Christina Ricci’s Marilyn Thornhill.

Succession: Norway

One of the great joys of Succession (RIP) was the fact that it whisked its characters around the world in spectacular fashion. But arguably its most standout destination was Norway, when it was on stunning display in season four as the Roy siblings travelled to meet tech mogul Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) for business. The good news? They filmed at the luxe Juvet Landskapshotell surrounded by lush nature in Valldal—not too far from the country’s iconic fjords. The bad? It’s not open during the winter months, and actually booking a room may be a bit of a challenge.

Emily in Paris: Paris

Forgive us for being obvious here, but we couldn’t possibly resist including Emily in Paris—especially considering that we’ve had to go without a new season this year. But it’s really never a bad time to go to Paris and explore the incredible history, culture and shopping the French city has to offer. We’d recommend doing so with a bit more tact than our fave American marketer Emily Cooper, though there are plenty of walking tours and self-guided options to choose from if you want to follow in her steps too.

The Bear: Chicago

Take in Chicago without the intense family drama and workplace stress of The Bear. You won’t get to eat food prepared by Chef Carmy himself, but a quick Google will help turn you on to some of the many amazing IRL foodie spots highlighted in the acclaimed dramedy.

Furiosa: Australia

Okay, the post-apocalyptic desert of George Miller’s Mad Max films aren’t exactly the most desirable of travel spots. But if the highly anticipated Furiosa—which stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth and is a prequel to 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road—is as gorgeous to look at as its predecessors, we’ll all be very tempted to see the authentic, non-dystopian beauty of Australia, where the blockbuster was filmed, IRL.

Mamma Mia! + Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: Greece + Croatia

Escaping to an idyllic (and fictional) Greek island while handsome men (respectfully) chase after you as you all sing ABBA songs is a fantasy of the highest order, which is why we love the Mamma Mia! movies so much. The flicks also provide a two-for-one deal in terms of beachy travel inspo: the first one was filmed on the actual Greek island of Skopelos, while production for the second moved to a small Croatian island (a former military base turned tourist spot) called Vis.

Gladiator 2: Malta

Not too much is known about Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2 other than the fact that it’s a long-awaited sequel to the 2000 film and features a star-studded cast that includes Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal and Connie Nielsen. It’s also being filmed in Malta, which is known for its sunny beaches, medieval villages and deep history—the Mediterranean island has a very high density of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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