With travel season in full swing, it's time to get out your passport and get back into exploring what the world has to offer.

Just like people with Indian and Filipino passports in Canada, those with Chinese passports are also able to travel to some places around the globe that won't require a visa when they land.

So, whether you're an international student or just visiting Canada on a short-term basis, there are options for those with a passport from China to enjoy visa-free travel to tropical jungles and blue waters in many countries and islands around the world.

Behold Chinese passport holders, pack your bags and get ready for some picturesque landscapes — here are nine places, according to Passport Index, you could visit visa-free.

Antigua and Barbuda

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Why You Should Go: The shoreline of Antigua stretches for 95 miles by the Caribbean Sea and is full of coral reefs, sandy beaches, and resorts. Chinese passport holders can stay here visa-free for a month.

Distance From Canada: Direct flights from Toronto (4 hours and 45 minutes)

Antigua and Barbuda website

Saint Lucia

Island Ting Travel ✨ on Instagram: "NO FILTER 🤩⛰ It’s been in my bucket list to climb either of the Pitons…but I think hiking up the adjacent mountain to catch iconic views of both is even better! Our guide Jimmy was so knowledgeable about the plants, the town of Soufriere and really great behind the lens 📸 10/10/10 would def encourage everyone to include Tet Paul Nature Trail on your St. Lucia itinerary 🤍 #stlucia #paradise #caribbean #islandtingtt #travelblogger"

Why You Should Go: This island in the Caribbean has a wide variety of things to enjoy, from beaches perfect for snorkelling to dense jungles you can trek through. Chinese passport holders can stay here for a max of 42 days visa-free.

Distance From Canada: Direct flights from Toronto (5 hours and 20 minutes)

St. Lucia tourism website


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Why You Should Go: Serbia is filled with mountains, rivers and gorges for you to explore and take pictures for the gram. If you have a passport from China and this place is on your bucket list, you can stay here for 30 days without a visa.

Distance From Canada: Connecting flight from Toronto (12 hours)

Visit Serbia website


Jennifer Wong Swie San 📸🌴🌺 on Instagram: "Wanneer je door de bomen het bos niet meer ziet, wandel dan door een #palmentuin . . Uitzicht op #belastingdienst🇸🇷"

Why You Should Go: For the nature lovers out there, Suriname might just be the place for you. Over 90 percent of its surface is covered by jungle, so you're pretty much up close and personal with the wildlife here.

If you are a Chinese citizen, you can stay here for up to 30 days visa-free.

Distance From Canada: Flights from Toronto connecting through the United States (10+ hours)

Discover Suriname website


Visit Qatar on Instagram‎: "Travel through Qatar’s past, present & future ✨ Did you know? 👉 It is National Museum of Qatar's 3rd anniversary since opening in 2019 🙌 👉 NMOQ was designed by renowned French architect @ateliersjeannouvel. 👉 The design is inspired by a beautiful desert rose crystal. 👉 It embraces Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani's original palace – his family home and seat of the government for 25 years. With immersive social experiences, traditional Islamic craft and significant art, NMOQ is a must-visit museum for culture enthusiasts. 📍 @nmoqatar 📞 44525555 #VisitQatar #Qatar #Doha #QatarLife #QatarPhotography #QatarLifestyle #Photography #Travel #TravelPhotography #PhotographyEveryday #Explore #MustVisit #Culture #CultureVenture #Destinations #NMOQatar #NationalMuseumOfQatar #QatarMuseums - اذهب في رحلة استثنائية في تاريخ قطر، تربط الماضي بالمستقبل✨ هل تعلم؟ 👈 اليوم يصادف الذكرى السنوية الثالثة لافتتاح متحف قطر الوطني منذ عام 2019 🙌 👈 صمّم متحف قطر الوطني على يد المهندس المعماري الفرنسي الشهير جان نوفيل. 👈 التصميم الأيقوني مستلهَم من وردة الصحراء. 👈 شيد المتحف حول القصر القديم للشيخ عبد اللّه بن جاسم آل ثاني، الذي كان منزل عائلته ومقر الحكومة لمدة 25 عاماً. يرحب متحف قطر الوطني بالجميع لاستكشاف قصة قطر وشعبها من خلال ما يقدمه من تجارب متنوعة وغامرة. 📍متحف قطر الوطني 📞 44525555"‎

Why You Should Go: Put your feet up in some luxury hotels or spend the day in Qatar's trading markets with vendors selling everything from antiques and spices to woven fabrics. You can stay a month visa-free if you have a Chinese passport.

Distance From Canada: Direct flights from Toronto (15+ hours)

Visit Qatar website

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Why You Should Go: Sip some rum around a bonfire at this tropical destination that has some serious laid-back vibes. Three months of visa-free relaxation is what you can get here with a passport from China.

Distance From Canada: Seasonal direct flights from Toronto (4 hours and 50 minutes) or connecting flights available year-round.

St. Kitts tourism website


Nika Sekerak🕵🏻 on Instagram: "ANOTHER ROCKY DAY 🪨 #Armenia"

Why You Should Go: If you're a Chinese citizen, can enjoy the history and landscape of Armenia and its picturesque villages for six months without a visa.

Distance From Canada: Connecting flights from Toronto (13 hours and 45 minutes)

Armenia travel website


Vanessa Bratschi on Instagram: "Wir schwelgen noch immer in unseren Mauritius Erinnerungen und schmieden bereits neue Pläne. Wart Ihr schon auf dieser wunderschönen Insel im indischen Ozean? 🇲🇺🌺 #mauritius #mauritius_explored #beach #travelgirl #travelblogger #ilemaurice #bucketlist #bucketlisttravel #familytravel #livingadream #dametraveller #coconut #lapiroguemauritius #happylife #sunresorts #reels #instagramreels #reelsinstagram #instareels #happylife #mauritius_explored #mauritiusisland #lemornbrabant @mauritius @mauritiustourism_ch"

Why You Should Go: From water sports like windsurfing and parasailing to street food, there's no shortage of things to enjoy in Mauritius. If you have a Chinese passport, you can tour the place for three months without a visa.

Distance From Canada: Connecting flights from Toronto (24+ hours of travel time)

Mauritius travel website


Why You Should Go: Fiji is made up of 333 tropical islands in the middle of the South Pacific. Feast your eyes and ears on rushing waterfalls and blue waters that set up the perfect atmosphere for those who just want to sit back and relax.

You can stay here for 120 days visa-free with a Chinese passport.

Distance From Canada: Connecting flights from Vancouver (16 hours and 50 minutes)

Fiji travel website

Before you get going, check out our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your adventure.

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