Canada's most remote escapes where you can get away from it all

Switch off your phone, pack your camera and let's explore the world's most envy-inducing retreats.

Malaysia now requires tourists to register online before travelling

Travellers to Malaysia now need to register themselves in an online form before entering the country, following the introduction of new entry rules in force since December 1. While most tourists can still enter the country without a visa, the so-called Malaysia Digital Arrival Card needs to be completed 72 hours before your arrival in the country, ...

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20 magnificent places to discover in Spain

Spain is one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations thanks to its old-world charm, festive atmosphere, idyllic beaches, and fine cuisine. Here are 20 amazing places to discover on your next getaway to Spain.

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Railbookers introduces a luxurious world train tour across 4 continents, 13 countries, and 80 days, with 7 unique trains.

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From familiar fishermen's villages clinging on to the coastal rock to sleepy medieval hilltop towns, we've sought out some of Italy's most beautiful places.

The most romantic holiday destinations

The most beautiful cities in the world for couples lie within the next few slides of this gallery. Steeped in history and culture, these cities bring out the lovebirds in all of us. Get lost in the cobblestone streets and fall in love all over again amongst the character that lies between these city walls. What are you waiting for? Swipe through to discover the most romantic locations for couples.

Underrated countries around the world you NEED to visit

These are the countries overlooked in the wake of natural disaster – and places that many people simply haven’t heard of. We’ve rounded up the world’s most unloved countries that are worth visiting in 2023.

Delta leans on international travel boom to predict strong start to 2024

By Shivansh Tiwary (Reuters) -Delta Air Lines top executives on Wednesday signaled robust international travel demand going into 2024 as consumers spend more on experiences than on material items. Speaking at the Morgan Stanley Global Consumer Conference, CEO Ed Bastain said the airline recorded bumper revenue for the Thanksgiving period and expects Christmas to be a very strong close to 2023.

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We round up the world's most scenic and affordable train journeys.

14 Travel Gifts For Dads That’ll Take His Carry-On To New Heights

Dads are both easy and impossible to shop for. They tend to like anything you give them, but the vastness of anything and everything is an abyss no holiday shopper wants to fall into. If dear old Dad happens to be a frequent flyer, we suggest narrowing your search to travel gifts for men. He may have everything at home, but what's he packing in that carry-on? If he's anything like our fathers, it could be — ahem — improved upon. That's why we've...

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15 Amazon Travel Gifts That Are Insanely Useful For Frequent Flyers

We all have that one friend with a travel bucket list longer than the TSA queue. While these intrepid explorers may very well have their Global Entry and Clear all sorted out, a travel gift or two — to help make packing feel like less of a chore and the rest of the journey downright seamless — will always be appreciated. This is where Amazon comes in: The e-commerce heavyweight is our ultimate go-to for travel accessories that are not just...

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Travelers ready to set sail on cruises at record levels next year

By Doyinsola Oladipo and Granth Vanaik NEW YORK/BENGALURU (Reuters) - Next year is looking like a banner year for cruise vacations, as travelers across all income and budget levels have been booking voyages at greater volumes than even before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to U.S. cruise operators and travel agents. Travelers are looking to cruises in 2024 because they are still cheaper than

We Found The 13 Best Travel Gifts For Women To Please Your Always Wanderlusting BFF

We’ve all got that friend who lives to travel. You know the one: she practically lives out of a suitcase and is the person everyone in the group chat flocks to for restaurant recs, hotel intel, and travel deals. If there's a buzzy destination, she has a Google spreadsheet for every out-of-the-way bar and boutique you have to visit while you're there. With the upcoming festive season, you might wonder how on earth you can come up with a material...

Road trip fun: Discovering hidden gems of the USA

Planning your next road trip and looking for an out-of-the-box destination? Beyond the well-trodden paths lie lesser-known destinations, waiting to charm and captivate. These hidden gems offer a perfect blend of nature's wonders, historical richness, and cultural diversity. Join us as we explore 30 unique and inviting locations across the United States, each with its own distinctive character, ensuring memorable adventures for your next road trip. Click on to discover them all!

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Top 10 UK bucket list destinations to visit in 2024 revealed

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6 Magical Winter Day Trips From Vancouver To Get You Out This Season (PHOTOS)

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This Ontario Spot Is One Of The Top Destinations In Canada For Christmas & Winter Getaways

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France's stunning villages that are must-see holiday destinations

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The Perfect Cold-Weather Vacation Capsule Wardrobe Exists — Here’s How I Built It

Vacation outfits don’t come naturally to me. The demanding schedule and constant climate adaptations that come with traveling means packing for a vacation will often clash with my desire to put on looks that are fashionable, but impractical. After years of over-packing and putting my feet through the pain of wearing inappropriate shoes for hours-long sightseeing trips, I finally got down to perfecting a capsule wardrobe for joyous travel. Ahead...

60 reasons why India should be your next trip

From ancient temples and royal cities to sacred rivers, mountain glaciers and a dizzying array of stunning landscapes in between, India is an incredible place.

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There's no denying that a colour-filled and sunny getaway can cheer the soul. We've selected a few of our favorite technicolour places and spaces that make for an eye-catching escape. Grab the shades as we tour the world's most colourful destinations.

Leisure abroad: 10 destinations where entry fees will be introduced

Popular tourist destinations across Europe have announced the introduction of an entry fee in 2024. These measures are aimed at supporting the industry after the pandemic and addressing over-tourism. RBC-Ukraine reports on locations where travelers should expect to pay more for vacations next year, according to In Paris, the t...

Discover the futuristic and ancient sites of South Korea

From futuristic architecture and mountain-dwelling temples to K-drama filming locations and dreamy beaches, these are South Korea's most beautiful sights.

Popular travel destinations that do NOT live up to the hype

We’ve looked far and wide for the biggest let-downs around the world, so here's where not to get your hopes up for.

9 Festive Road Trips From Toronto That Lead To Christmas Markets, Sparkly Small Towns & More

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On the road in Arizona: Grand Canyon sunsets, Route 66 diners and Sedona's red rocks

There is no peace quite like watching sunset at the Grand Canyon.

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We look at some locations around the world that have played a starring role in the movie franchise over the decades.

Dark Tourism: visiting Chernobyl, Auschwitz and other places with a tragic past

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From luxury sleeper trains and heritage railways to fine-dining experiences on the rails, we take a look at some of Australia's most stunning scenic train journeys.

The most visited countries in 2023 have been revealed

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Canadian travellers on PLAY airline favour Amsterdam and Lisbon

Low-cost Icelandic airline PLAY, operating flights out of Hamilton since June, has released some early travel trends. Among them is that flights to Amsterdam and Lisbon remain popular with Canadian travellers with the weather (70%), food (63%), and attractions, (61%) being the driving force around the demand. Of all passengers flying with PLAY in October 2023, 28.4% were departing from Iceland, 33.9% were traveling to Iceland, and 37.6% were...

9 All-Inclusive Vacations To Escape The Winter & You Can Fly Down South For $645

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How Canadians can score cheap flights and hotels on Travel Tuesday

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are widely known, another day that is gaining traction is Travel Tuesday. A search of the hashtag on social media reveals a plethora of photos, stories and tips related to holiday excursions. Falling on Nov. 28 this year, Travel Tuesday presents an opportunity to uncover travel deals and discounts that will have you putting winter in your rearview mirror. Here’s where to look for the best deals on Travel...

Holidays 2023: the world's most beautiful places according to Time magazine

Seven hotels that made my two-week holiday to Japan

From lavish city skyscrapers to glamping by Mount Fuji...

Can A Vacation Cure Burnout? I Went To Bermuda To Find Out

There are a lot of reasons to go on vacation. Maybe you’ve finally decided to use that hard-earned PTO. Or maybe your anxiety has been getting the best of you and you’re hoping some sunshine will do you good. Or maybe, you’ve been burnt out for three years (2020 messed us all up, amirite?) and laying on the beach ignoring your responsibilities for a week seems like the only thing that could ease the fraying edges of your burning brain. Plus,...

These are the Caribbean’s once in a lifetime places to visit

From picture-postcard beaches to lush verdant rainforest, colourful capitals and cacophonous carnivals, these are the most beautiful sights in the Caribbean.

This £12 travel tip can help you see two European Christmas markets in one day

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Canada Has Issued Travel Advisories For These 7 Holiday Hot Spots & It Could Affect Your Trip

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The world's biggest tourist attractions in winter and summer

Travel is a year-round option, and just because cold weather has arrived doesn't mean the vacation is hold. In fact, winter can transform a destination. A blanket of snow, for example, adds a magical veneer to any visitor attraction, lending it seasonal sparkle and extra "must-see" appeal. But are you a winter wanderer, or do you prefer a sojourn in the summer? To help make up your mind, here are some of the most celebrated tourist sites listed in their summer and winter coats. Browse the gallery and decide what time of year you want to travel.