The best destinations in America for book lovers

Books can transport you to new places and show you new things. But no matter how much you love to read, sometimes there’s just no substitute for a real vacation. If you’re truly obsessed with books, then make your next destination a literary one. These cities have incredible literary scenes, wonderful bookstores, beautiful libraries, and popular literature festivals. Why not pay them a visit?

Italy's Most Stunning Towns and Villages That'll Make You Want to Book a Trip

From familiar fishermen's villages clinging on to the coastal rock to sleepy medieval hilltop towns, we've sought out some of Italy's most beautiful places.

The World’s Best Sleeper Trains Will Give You A Night To Remember

We’ve scoured the globe to find the most spectacular overnight routes, offering climate- and wallet-friendly travel between some of the world’s top destinations.

20 overlooked travel costs you forgot to budget for

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of planning and then going on a trip. From booking the flight to researching the best places to eat while abroad, there’s a lot to consider when jet-setting across the globe. One major thing to consider is budget and staying within your means. In 2022, Americans spent close to $200 billion on summer vacations. And with that sort of dough being doled out, travellers want to get the most out of their money and not be surprised by unforeseen expenses. Read on for the 20 most overlooked travel costs to get the most bang from your budget. Note: All prices are in U.S. dollars.

Fantastic New Train Journeys To Get Excited About

From swanky sleeper services to dynamic first-of-their-kind engineering feats, these are the best new and upcoming rail journeys to look forward to right now.

The movies to watch when you want to travel but can’t

Take a trip around the world from the comfort of your living room with these 30 movies.

50 vintage photos of your favourite travel destinations

Travel trends may come and go, but some things stay the same. Pristine beaches, the great outdoors, and wonders of the world will always be popular with tourists. Here are 50 pictures of fashionable travel destinations from days gone by.

Wild And Wonderful Places On Earth You'll Only See In Photos

Your guide to the world's most remote and wild corners, from the Arctic Circle to the Amazon rainforest.

There's no better time for travel to Ireland than now

With direct non-stop flights from Tel Aviv to Dublin and the first kosher restaurant in 50 years, it’s time to hit the Emerald Isle for sights, sounds, food, and drink.

Canada Has Issued Travel Advisories For These 9 Vacation Destinations

It’s not necessarily about avoiding, but being aware. 🧳✈️

The World's Most Inspiring Female Explorers and Their Incredible Stories

There have been plenty of pioneering women who have accomplished incredible feats. We’ve rounded up the most groundbreaking female adventurers from the 1700s to today.

20 essential travel tech gadgets for your next trip

While travel can provide you the experience of a lifetime, it can also stress you with the trials and tribulations of your journey. Fortunately, technology can provide ways to smooth and enhance your trip. Whether it is noise-cancelling earbuds to protect you from the screaming baby on a plane, an RFID-blocking messenger bag that prevents identity theft, or an easy way to charge your devices wherever you are, here are 20 pieces of travel technology you should consider taking on the road with you (or in the air). Note: All prices are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise specified.

The most common diseases contracted by travellers

It’s not what you want to worry about when you take a trip, but there are a lot of diseases you can contract when you’re out exploring the world, many of which are caused by consuming unsafe food or beverages. Thankfully, many diseases are preventable through vaccination, including typhoid fever and hepatitis. Unfortunately, diseases including the West Nile virus and Lyme disease require you to be diligent at your destination.

12 Dreamy Destinations Our Travel Team Says Should Be On Every Bucket List (PHOTOS)

From storybook villages to breathtaking beaches. ✈️

Underexplored places you should definitely visit

Most of tourists tend to go to popular destinations that feature on travel lists year in and year out. But what about the countries not featured heavily on must-see lists? There are some real gems out there that tourists have left untapped. What are some amazing destinations abroad that travelers should start visiting? Click through the gallery to find out. ..

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99 Incredible Bucket-list Experiences You Have To Tick Off

From amazing adventures to dream destinations, here are 99 of the world's most unmissable travel experiences for this year.

What is digital nomadism and why are some people quitting the lifestyle?

How vacations benefit our brain and overall health

Why Germany Is King Of The Road Trip

From a journey inspired by the Brothers Grimm to roads that follow the salt-sprayed “German Riviera”, here are some of the best scenic road trips in Germany.

20 things couples learn when they travel together

You’ll learn a lot about your significant other when you plan a getaway with them—good and bad—including their habits, how they spend their money, and what they love to do. Once the planning begins, you’ll learn to compromise and communicate, both of which are equally important on the road. Often seen as the ultimate test of a relationship, travelling together is all about the ups, downs, and little moments in between. Here are 20 things couples learn when they travel together.

The most popular travel destinations of 2023

Exploring the hidden secrets of the world is a dream for people everywhere. Fortunately, magical destinations that take your breath away are only an airplane ride away these days. So far, these destinations in particular have been popular in 2023, and for good reason! Some are off the beaten path, some lead you directly to crystal-clear blue water, and others to modern, man-made marvels. Curious? Dive in by clicking through this gallery!

The best solo trips around the world

Solo traveling can be a daunting prospect sometimes, especially if you have no idea how the culture in your destination of choice works, or how easy it is to get around. But fear not, because the world offers many travel options for all the solo travelers out there. Click through this gallery to discover the best solo trips around the world.

Via Rail Is Having A Huge Sale Across Canada & You Can Save On A Fall Getaway

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You Can Visit 10 Of The Cheapest European Cities With 1 Train Pass & They're All Stunning

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Storybook Road Trips Through The Romantic Heart Of Germany

From a journey inspired by the Brothers Grimm to roads that follow the salt-sprayed “German Riviera”, here are some of the best scenic road trips in Germany.

These 30 Surprising Sights Are All On One Beautiful Continent

Incredible sights, scenes and landscapes in Europe that look like they belong elsewhere...

Responsible tourism: Simple ways to travel more ethically

Travel has become a very popular goal in life, with the promise of exploring the world's stunning horizons while simultaneously broadening your own. According to the World Bank, an estimated 1.2 billion people travel per year, which is roughly 15% of the population. The statistic speaks volumes about human progress, but it's also quickly becoming a huge detriment to culture, economy, and the environment around the world. That's why learning to travel ethically and sustainably is vital to our continued adventures. Click through to see small, easy changes that can make you part of the solution rather than the problem.

These European Train Routes Come With Some Of The World's Best Views

The most beautiful rail routes in Europe, from Glacier Express to West Highland Line.

8 Incredible Road Trips In Ontario That Every Autumn-Lover Should Experience At Least Once

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Having a ball: France's must-visit places during the Rugby World Cup... and beyond

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8 Magical Summer Road Trips From Ontario That Lead To Tiny Towns, Sandy Shores & More

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Some Manitobans are in travel limbo with cancellation of Visa services

Travel plans of some Manitobans have come to a standstill after India halted its visa services in Canada on Thursday amid a diplomatic rift between India and Canada.

High-paying jobs that let you travel the world

You may have a passion for travel but find yourself lacking the time to go on adventures due to your work schedule. The good news is that nowadays you can combine work and travel in many different areas—and actually make good money. From travel blogger to diplomat, browse through the gallery to see the high-paying jobs that allow you travel the world.

6 Travel Planning Tips From The Narcity Travel Team That Can Save You Cash & Time

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Europe's 'Last Unturned Stone' Is A Cheap Vacay Spot With Turquoise Beaches & Fewer Crowds

Skip Italy and Greece for this hidden gem.

Travel without breaking the bank! The 10 cheapest cities in Europe

7 Things Canadians Should Definitely Have In Their Suitcase When Travelling To Europe

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The most beautiful places you've probably never heard of

Adventurers, we're calling on you! Most of us have heard of Paris, Rome, New York, and Tokyo as incredible tourist destinations that attract millions of travelers each and every single year, but what if you're a fan of something slightly less crowded? The places listed in this gallery are destinations all around the world that are filled with unheard of beauty. From picturesque landscapes to cities thousands of years old, swipe through for a look at these spots you may not have heard of.

Why Everyone Should Travel Alone Once, According To The Youngest Person To Visit Every Country

It might not be as lonely as you think! 🗺️

This Quebec Travel Destination Is Globally Famous But Apparently Nobody Can Pronounce It

Another Canadian spot also made the cut!

5 Lesser-Known Mediterranean Destinations To Visit On Your Next Overseas Vacation

Beat the crowds and venture to these hidden gems!

Travel destinations you should make an effort to see

The world is vast and with so many places to see it's often difficult to choose which destinations to tick off the wish list. But there are some countries that are definitely worth traveling to, whether for their cultural significance, outstanding wildlife, or natural beauty. Click through the gallery for a tour of where you need to go and what you must see.

10 Easy Travel Essentials To Help Relieve Your Packing Anxiety

When it comes to travel, "last-minute" is hardly a bad thing. Yes, tackling the logistics can feel hectic — but more importantly, the whole affair is thrilling! Spontaneous! Adventurous! Whether you’re in the market for some much-needed R&R in the tropics, or a romantic stroll through Paris, once that *wanderlust* hits, it’s hard to suppress. And fortunately, the stress that tends to come with eleventh-hour vacation planning is always well worth...

6 Misconceptions About Canada That Make It An Underrated Vacation Destination For Tourists

British tourists are not prioritizing Canadian adventures — here's why.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Visit Europe’s Hotspots During These Months

Here’s when you should visit to see Europe's most popular destinations at their quietest

Europe in the fall: the best locations to appreciate autumn

The advent of fall represents change. It marks the transition from summer to winter. It's a season when the days get shorter and colder. In the Northern Hemisphere, the period between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice is a magical one. A mantle of copper and gold blankets the landscape. Leaves slowly turn the color of mustard and cinnamon. The air is sharp and crisp. Across Europe, the autumn veneer lends a host of destinations a gilded edge. Towns and villages glow in the embers of summer. Rustic woodland is flecked with splashes of yellow and amber, and a warm luster hangs lazily in the sky. Indeed, perhaps the best time to explore the continent is during this enchanting moment before the black and white of winter. So, are you falling for Europe? Click through and visit the best locations on the continent to appreciate autumn.

30 things to avoid when you travel abroad

Traveling to a foreign country can be a challenge as it takes some adapting to the customs and rules of said place. You should always be aware of differences in habits, traditions, and even ways of dressing from country to country before you travel. Learning the basics of the language of the country you visit also shows you have respect for the people, and can go a long way in helping you get by day to day. You should also be aware of gestures that may be offensive in certain countries. Click through the gallery to learn more about the things you should avoid when traveling abroad!

Eat, learn, journey, unwind, and connect: 10 travel destinations recommended by Lonely Planet

These Are The World's Top Bucket List Travel Destinations & A Canadian Spot Took Second Place

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