When it comes to plotting a fall getaway, Priceline has dropped the map and compass for Canadian travellers. From iconic cities that never sleep to budget-friendly gems waiting to be discovered, the online travel agency broke down the financial forecast and most popular hotspots for autumnal adventurers.

Those setting their sights on the U.S. between September and November 2023 will find an average roundtrip flight cost of $300 USD. Accommodations in the U.S. have an average nightly rate of $138 USD, and rental vehicles average $54 USD per day.

For international jet setters, roundtrip airfares come in at an average of $819 USD. Nightly stays are marked at about $185 USD, and rental vehicles are slightly more economical than in the U.S., averaging $47 USD per day.

As for the most sought-after locales, many are turning their attention to U.S. mainstays like New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. On the global scale, popular destinations include Cancun, London, Mexico City, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, and Barcelona.

Priceline also highlighted the most wallet-friendly options. In the U.S., airfares are most attractive for Orlando ($179), followed closely by Miami ($212) and Tampa ($222). For those prioritizing accommodations, Laughlin, Nevada, emerged as a clear winner with a nightly rate of $97, with Kissimmee, Florida, not far behind at $99.

Internationally, there's Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Not only has it been highlighted by Priceline for its affordable flights at $367, but it's worth noting a recent surge in accessibility for Canadians. Arajet is making waves by transforming the Dominican Republic into the new low-cost Caribbean hub. As of November 7, Montrealers can reach the island's sun-drenched shores starting at $155 per flight.

Other affordable international flight options include Santiago, Dominican Republic ($397), Cancun, Mexico ($421), San Jose, Costa Rica ($452), and Los Cabos, Mexico ($486). As of November 7, Montrealers can reach the island's sun-drenched shores starting at $155 per flight.

For extended stays, Manila in the Philippines should be on travellers' radars, with hotel rates at an average of $84 per night. Other affordable international hotel rates include Bangkok, Thailand at $90 per night, Kawasaki, Japan at $104, Glasgow, Scotland at $112, and Osaka, Japan at $118.

With options ranging from world-renowned spots to budget-friendly escapes, the possibilities are as vast as they are varied. Safe travels!

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