In some ways, the TSA remains one of the only fair things left in the world. It doesn't matter who you are, what you know or how many fans you have. Just ask Jonathan XIV. 

In their first trip to the Final Four since 2014, UConn wanted to send its live mascot, Jonathan the Husky, and his handlers to the big game in Houston on Saturday night. However, the group was informed they could not fly thanks to policies related to COVID-19.

According to his representatives, since Jonathan couldn't fit underneath the seat, they would be unable to travel unless the travel party secured four seats on a plane -- two for Jonathan and two for his handlers. 

"Looks like I'm not going," the mascot's account later tweeted. "We're unable to secure a plane ride for me and my 2 handlers. I'll be cheering them on from home turf."

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The airline -- which was not named -- was saved from the wrath of social media when Delta Airlines stepped in to help, much to the delight of UConn fans everywhere. 

The saga ended up lasting about four days, but Jonathan is now safely in the Space City to support his team in the Final Four. 

The purebred Siberian husky was born in October 2013 in Arkansas, before making the trek to a place with a little more snow in the forecast. Jonathan was selected to be the next in a long line of huskies that came before him, dating back to 1935. 

When he was nine weeks old -- or about two-and-a-half in human years -- Jonathan arrived on the UConn campus to begin training. The men's basketball team would go on to win the national championship that season, but this Jonathan didn't officially take over until that August -- making 2023 his first trip to a Final Four. 

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Miami faces a tough task on Saturday night -- having to overcome Jonathan's presence and Dan Hurley's interesting underwear superstition as well. At the very least, UConn rallying around its husky mascot is a feel-good story we can all get behind. 

Although Jonathan probably can't wait to get out of that Texas heat.

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